I’m back… Almost!

So I have officially become one of “those brides.” You know, the ones that promise they will blog or post pictures “the day after.” Then reality hits, you go on your honeymoon, and after that you find out you want to be generic and enjoy time with your new hubs.

This post is just to let you know I’m alive {not gonna lie, flattered by the new Love and Sapphire followers! Hi Guys!}

I will be back up to 3 posts a week come Monday and slowly work my way back up to five. Until then, here is a tease of things you have to look forward to {or at least I hope so!} 🙂 Wedding pictures won’t be ready for a few weeks, but we are moving at the end of July so I have a lot of decorating ideas (Either fails or accomplishments, we will soon see) to share here in the mean time. We are moving to an apartment while we save for a house, so my goal is to make the new place look chic and homey, yet realizing Ikea & the thrift store is more reasonable for an apartment.

Now on for a few teaser pictures until the real ones come in. These are from my BFF and her dad. I know I’m biased but they turned out pretty darn good. I literally remember starting to walk down the aisle and seeing so many more people than I thought would come to the ceremony. Therefore, I instantly wanted to say hi to everyone; I was so overwhelmed with emotion. Then I realized that it may not be appropriate so I gathered myself. But I just felt so darn loved, and it was one of the best moments of my life!

20120523-225433.jpg Happiest moment of my life, my dad walking me down the aisle. Words can’t express what this ment for me and to see all our friends and family!


If my dad waking me down the aisle was my happiest moment, I don’t even know what this is! So happy for him to be my hubs and for me to be his wife. The start to a great day and life together! My hubs is my best friend. I’m a lucky lady. 🙂


And if you think I look happy in this pictures, just take a look at Jacob (the cat) and his brother Buddy. We came home from our honeymoon and Jacob could not be found… he was hiding like cats normally do when there owners come home after a long time away. We then picked up the Bud-man from my in-laws {still love saying that, I don’t know if it will get old} and Jacob came running out… They have been cuddling ever since. Pathetic… But in the cutest way!

See ya next week, lots of fun things to come!


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off getting married!

The posts will be few and far between {if any} since I am getting married soon! Check back the second week of May for and updated L&S.com

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Cake topper

Last night consisted of me randomly getting inspired; making a “quick stop” at Jo-Ann’s and Micahel’s. {Ever notice how both of those stores don’t have everything you need? It’s a conspiracy!} Anyways, here is my Wednesday night DIY, super awesome cake topper:

Now I just have to say peace out to the old cake topped that I bought when we first got engaged. Never really liked it… Was just spur of the moment: omfgimactiallygettingmarriedyey! Kind of purchase. 😉


’til next time,

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Beer from Lake Bluff Brewery. We didn’t go this weekend; or for the past few weekends… Buuuut this place has the best micro-brews. Makes me never want to move from Lake Bluff. almost. I’d take living closer to Momma Sheila any day over a good beer. No matter how delish. I think I’m just really craving beer since I’m denying myself it until the wedding. Can ya tell?


Marriage license Friday! I told Jonathan’s sister via text after I sent this pic that I hope our photographer can center photos better then myself. 😉


My favorite boys! ‘Nuff said.


Flowers last night to say “happy 12 days til we’re married.” I think I found a keeper. 😉

This covo from this morning that Jonathan started. Cracks me up. I win for creativity though! 😉

What are some of you favorite things as of late?

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Like every other blogger out there, I decided to join Birchbox a month or two ago. This saturday I received my second one, and I have to admit that it is fun to get some samples every month. The nail polishes are especially fun. I am usually a nail polish “snob” and primarily stick to OPI or Essie, but in this month’s box there was another brand called Zoya. I really liked the application, the color went on thick but not too thick, and dried quickly. The color is a pretty shade of turquoise and according to the description from Birchbox, it lasts about 50% longer than traditional polishes. I will let you know at the end of the week how the color stayed. It’s called “Bevin.”


{trying to be a nail polish model?}

I did skip ahead a bit, here is my March box freshly opened

Birchboxs usually come with five items. Besides the nail polish it came with:

  • Befine {Skincare Sampler}
  • Lulu Organics {Lavender +Clary Sage Hiar Powder}
  • Taylor Swift {Wonderstruck}
  • Yes To {Blueberries Brightening Facial Towelettes}

The other item that I tested so far is the Taylor Swift perfume. I have to admit, usually I don’t buy celebrity perfumes, clothing lines, etc. It all just strikes me as cheesy. But this perfume is ah-ma-ZING. I absolutely love the way it smells. I am even thinking of purchasing the full size bottle and wearing it as my wedding day scent. {Which I used to think was a b.s. but now that I am getting closer to the wedding I am thinking I may have to get something.} I very rarely wear perfume. Random fact about Jon is that he doesn’t have a sense of smell. So buying perfume usually seems like a waste to me. Especially since once you spray it on, you get used to the smell and can’t smell it anymore. But I am considering buying Wonderstruck.

I am also looking forward to trying to Yes To Blueberries; I love blueberries {get that from Momma Sheila} and I like face wipes to remove makeup when I am just feeling lazy and don’t feel like breaking out the Clarisonic.

All in all, after being a participant of Birchbox for two months I think it is well worth the $10 a month. You are basically just paying for shipping and handling. If you like to try new products I would highly suggest joining. Quick heads up though; when Birchbox first came out bloggers were writing about it everywhere, and I just thought it was for referral bonus points, or they were getting the boxes for free. Well, word spread and now there is {or at least was when I joined} a wait list. I was only on the list for a week or two and then received my invitation.

Give it a try, and let me know what you think!

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No more wire hangers!!

Bonus points of you recognize the movie quote, which I think should be fairly obvious. I always have wanted one of those cute wire hangers from etsy for my dress; but could not justify spending $35+ on a damn hanger. What’s a girl to do? Make a bootleg herself of course!


Hanger from Target+yellow paint+wood hearts from Joann’s+doilys= a hanger that will look good in pictures and didn’t break the bank!

Detailed instructions will follow after the wedding; when I have time; 15 days to go!

{and trying to get the colors to show up correctly makes me realize that after the wedding I need to take the time to take pictures with an real camera, and not my phone… the convenience of modern technology makes me lazy apparently!}


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Gratuitous dog post (aka budman is awesome)


Wordless Thursday?

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