I have been contemplating how to start my blog up again… do I start with an introduction?  What about the layout?  Well I have decided to just dive right in.  I am sure the layout will change until I get it the way I like it, and if you want to read about me check out the about page…

Friday night came and I was just so excited to relax with Jonathan.  He did have to work late, but from home, so I was still able to spend a little time with him. We had our “cheat night,” which meant devouring velveeta mac and cheese.

Saturday Jonathan had to wake up and work from 3:45am to almost 5pm!  Once again it was at home to at least we did get to spend a little time together.  I am not a girl to paint my nails, but awhile ago I found inspiration on Pinterest (my crack) and decided to swing by Wal-mart before going to Dunkin’ Donuts for coffee.  I was a good future wife and went out to get my soon to be hubby a large coffee to help him continue on, what I am sure felt like the longest day of work ever.  Wal-mart was out of anything sparkly except for a blue and silver color.  I picked that up, plus a top coat, and some red for the holidays.  The red and blue sparkles didn’t look good together so I decided to come up with something on my own.  All while watching terrible reality television from my lap top (with headphones on so the awesome TV did not distract Jonathan. 😉

10 points to those who can name the CLASSIC tv show displayed on my computer

I think they turned out pretty good, but they are hard to photograph

After I spent way too much time painting my nails I headed to the gym and jogged a 5k.  That was the first time since the Turkey Trot.  It was way harder than it should have been.  Most people say they find it harder to run outside, but I find it more difficult to run on the treadmill.  IT’S SO BORING!

Later, after Jonathan took a nap we headed out to dinner and this “trial” Chili’s by us.  It was decorated different then all other Chili’s and I think they have some other things that Chilli’s do not usually have on their menu.  It was a ton of fun, and it was nice to have a date night with Jonathan.

This is my staple when I go to Chili’s.  It one of the healthier things on the menu, still caloric, but not as bad as Nachos or Tacos.  I took a picture because the chicken breast is shaped like a heart and I thought that was random and cute!

Jonathan ordered a burger, it looks like he enjoyed it… what do you think?

I also enjoyed my dinner with a Blue Moon.. or two.  It’s no Skinny Girl Margarita, but it will suffice when Skinny Girl is not an option!  Overall, Saturday was very fun, and going to the new Chili’s was a blast.  Our waiter was awesome too!

Sunday Jonathan went to church, I couldn’t get out of bed for some reason. I was just too tired.  We usually go with his parents on Sundays to 7:30 mass and then we go to Einstein’s and enjoy bagels and chat with each other.  The past couple of weeks I have slacked and sleeping in… maybe that will be my New Year’s resolution, not to miss mass on Sundays.  I just wish we went a little later.

When Jonathan came back I told him he should take a nap.  He was really tired from all his crazy work schedule.  I watched the movie “The Help.”  While he did.  It was so good!  I recommend it to anyone!  Once Jonathan woke up we went out to get coffee, and I said I felt like baking.  He kind of looked at me like “who are you and what have you done with my fiance?”  I never cook or bake.  I used to a lot, but when you do not really have any supplies (like a mixer, I had to mix everything with a spoon like the olden days!) it makes it a lot more difficult.  This recipe I also found on Pinterest.  (Did I mention I love Pinterest??) It only had 5 ingredients, and there was actually no “baking” required.

The most important ingredient is the Diet Pepsi… it doesn’t go in the recipe, I am just a Diet Pepsi-holic. Want to try to make these no bake vanilla cake recipe?  Here is the link from Love Veggies and Yoga.

They came out looking pretty nice too.  I think I will make this for Christmas and bring them over to my family’s celebration.  I think I may add white chocolate drizzle on the top but use food dye and make the white chocolate green and red.

Buddy had a nice and relaxing Sunday night!

How was your weekend?  Did you tackle anything from your Pinterest pins? Did you just relax or see any good movies?



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  1. thanks so much for blogging about these! they are pretty popular on Pinterest I’ve noticed but no one has actually blogged about making them to my knowledge…so thank you for doing that!!!

    happy holidays!!

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