I have slipped up with my workout regime lately. I think it’s because my schedule changed at work and instead of heading to the gym in the morning I have been going at night.

I use the term “gym” loosely. It is in our apartment complex and is teeny tiny compared to your average big name gym. We have two treadmills, an elliptical, two recumbent bikes, some free weights, stability ball, and a weight machine. It has the basics and everything that is necessary for me.

Working out at night is a lot more relaxing for many reasons, the main being that the treadmills are usually not occupied. Also, I’m usually there by myself so I have room to spread out and do crunches, life weights, jumping jacks, etc. without feeling self-conscious or having to move around other people.

But last week I was a slacker and only worked out three times. So I was trying to think of what might motivate me to go each day. I would like to start averaging five days a week, which is what I did in the fall. It seems so much easier to get out of bed and jog outside rather then on a treadmill. I live in a beautiful area with many trails and running paths; but for the most part it is getting too cold to go outside so I am stuck with the hamster wheel!

When I have a lot of tasks that need to be accomplished I make “To Do” list of some shorts. For some reason it is extremely gratifying to me when I finish a task and I am able to strike a line through it. I thought this could be helpful with keeping track of my workouts, and getting them crossed off my metaphorical list. So on Monday I printed out a calendar and decided that when I complete a workout I will draw a “x” with a highlighter.  It may sound stupid, but I thought I would give it a shot!

It’s Wednesday night and I have completed three workouts so far this week; I have my calendar hanging on my fridge and tonight when I got home after my evening workout I crossed Wednesday off with a sense of accomplishment!

Tonight I actaully cooked dinner.  Usually that’s Jonathan’s domain but he has been working crazy hours so  I wanted to do something nice for him and give him one last thing to worry about.  I have had a taste for tacos/nachos for the longest time. This recipe called for:

  • 95% lean ground beef
  • fat free refried beans
  • mexican cheese

Three of these bad boys came out to only about 10 points, which is what I like to stay around for dinner.  I topped it off with a nice cold Diet Pepsi in a souviner glass from Sprecher Brewery;  Jonathan and I took a tour there a couple weeks ago.  It was great, and I am sure I will write a recap soon.

I almost forgot my second favorite condiment…

Green Tabasco comes runner up to ketchup, which is the ultimate condiment in my book!  I am not saying this is the healthiest meals by far, I could of thrown some veggies in it, but I am not a fitness expert, nor will I pretend to be.  I just know what has worked for me.   This won’t be a fitness/eating blog; but I will touch upon in since I have lost about 90 lbs in the past two years… therefore eating healthy and working out is a journey I am still on and I am learning new things day by day.  If you want to read more about my weight loss journey I discuss a little bit about it here.

Is there anything that motivates you to work out, stay organized, or get projects done?


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