The sleep-barking dog

I will never forget the first time Buddy barked in his sleep. He was only about 6 months old and he was fast asleep curled up next to me. All of a sudden he started to shake and of course as a new mom the worst thoughts crept into my head instantly. “Is he having a seizer  Can he breath? What is happening to my pup?”  I tried to wake him up, but I also wanted to be gentle too… you know the saying about letting a sleeping dog lie. But he was in a really deep slumber and his eyes stayed glued shut… and then it happened, he started to bark. While sleeping.

Fast forward three and a half years, I still catch Buddy sleep-barking at least one or two times per week. Jonathan and I have tried for the longest time to catch him on video but he is camera-shy. As soon as we turn down the music, TV, or stop talking, we would instantly start giggling because it is the funniest thing ever, and of course Buddy wakes up instantly.

A few weeks ago Jonathan had the day off and was playing a video game (of course) hence the Zelda (?) music in the background. He was smart, and unlike me, he kept the TV at the same volume and finally caught the Buddyman in all his glory!

My favorite part of this video is the end, when he starts chewing on his imaginary catch.  I think he was hunting and caught a bird, duck, or perhaps just a big piece of pizza. Even the dog covets pizza in this house hold!

So let me ask you, does your animal do anything extremely funny?  Do you have a dog that sleep barks?

Edit 12/16:  Jonathan suggested I upload the video from his phone since that’s what was used originally.  The quality was lost when he messaged it to me.  So the video should be much more crisp now.



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2 responses to “The sleep-barking dog

  1. Awe I love dogs but all the apts I have ever lived in did not allow dogs 😦 yours I adorable!!

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