All I want for Christmas…

To be honest there is not really too much that I want for Christmas this year.  I am truly just super excited for our wedding in April.  Also, Jonathan was beyond sweet and bought me some clothes from Express a few weeks ago.  I cleaned out my closet that week and I literally had only a handful of outfits left that fit and nothing was really work-appropriate.  Back when I was heavier I used to walk past Express and think “one day I will fit into their clothes.”  And lo and behold that day has come.  The best part? I don’t even have to squeeze into them like a stuffed sausage because I am a medium, girlfriend! 

Anyways, I think the Christmas lists that other bloggers have made are fun to look at.  So I thought I would conjure up a list compiled of a few things I have and some things that I wouldn’t be disappointed if Santa surprised me with. 😉


These are seriously the best leggings know to humanity.  And I would consider myself a legging connoisseur.  I love to wear them from September to May.  Even sometimes in the summer depending on how hot it gets.  And boy, can it get hawt in Chicago.  Anyways, these leggings pass my “ultimate legging test” meaning that you can bend over and you arse doesn’t show through because they are thick, and comfy.  I also wear them to work with some cute boots and they double as work pants.  Done & Done.


Hard Tails are the most comfy sweat pants ever.  Also, they don’t look overly casual which is a nice feature.  I never feel like I just rolled out of bed when wearing them… no fear of having Stacy and Clinton from What Not to Wear jump out from behind a corner and bust me when I am in my Hard Tails!  Functional and Fashionable=my kind of thang.  A pair of Hard Tail leggings to work out in would be a welcomed addition to my collection.


This may seem random, but I hate having my hair in my face when working out.  Especially if I am going for a long run.  I have always wanted to pick up these head-bands, but $10 seems pricey to this lady.  Maybe Santa can make them for cheaper in his workshop? 😉


A new pair of work out ear buds would be nice.  The ones I have now fall out when I get sweaty.  Which I do.  I don’t “glow” like  girls do when working out.  I sweat. Like a man.  Therefore, my current ear buds always fall out.  How do I solve this problem?  By wearing a thick jersey headband over my ears to keep my buds in tightly.  I’m laughing at myself as I write this, you have to admit: that solution is pretty ridiculous, but it’s a solution nonetheless.


I am a boot freak. But spending $99 on a pair of boots, no matter how to die for they are, seems a little selfish when Jonathan and I are trying to save our money for the wedding.  A co-worker of mine has them in taupe and black, I think I would like them in grey.  They are gorg in person!


I am a 27-year-old woman who just started drinking coffee 3 weeks ago.  Some people think this is nuts, I think it’s just good timing.  It’s winter and I am in the midst of wedding planning and the holidays; something has to perk me up in the morning, yo!  Anyways, I got addicted to Starbucks (cliché, I am aware) by finally giving in and buying their Via at Costco.  Now, I am now a full-blown convert. I even have the Starbucks app on my phone that collects Starbucks “stars.” Not sure what they do yet, but whatever. Me and coffee?  We now go together as well as Paris Hilton and her Chiuaua. (Does she even still have that dog? Damn, feel old now).   Anyways, I would love a tumbler from good old Starbucks.  Having it be microwavabe is imperative for when I need to heat up my VIA!   I almost suckered myself into buying one the other day.  I tried to justify it in my head saying, “it’s only $10, they knock 10¢ off every time you use your tumbler instead of their paper cups; that’s only like 100 cups of coffee before it is worth it!”  And then I realized that is completely stupid.  I’ll be more eco-friendly and use a tumbler for my Starbucks if Santa brings me one 🙂

Did you make a Christmas list this year?  Is there something that you are really hoping Santa brings you, or is there a gift that you can’t wait to give?  I would love to hear about it!


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