Wedding DIY- Save the Dates

My other online addiction besides Pinterst is weddingbee.  I discovered that website ::cough beforeweevengotengaged cough: and have been addicted ever since.  There are so many great ideas for DIY projects and it’s also a great community (or hive, in weddingbee speak) where I can get advice and questions answered almost instantly in the boards sections by ladies that have already planned their wedding or are maybe just a step or two ahead of me.  One of the unique parts of weddingbee is the blogging section on the main page where you can read all about “Bees” plan their wedding from start to finish.  Just go over to weddingbee and check it out if you are engaged, soon to be engaged, want to be engaged, married, single, anything!

I attribute my Save the Dates solely to weddingbee where there is an author by the name of Mrs. Waffles.  She had these awesome same the dates that I fell in love with right away, but wanted to somehow make them my own.

I incorporated our color scheme (yellow, gray, and blue) into our envelopes right away.  I fell in love with the idea of a wrap around label so I incorporated that using Martha Stewart’s template. I then took a hole-puncher from Martha’s line and punched the edge of the label. Can you tell that I love me some Martha? (Names and addresses are blurred out for privacy reasons, I don’t want you stalking my awesome fam!)

This is the back of the envelope (from Paper Source).  I chose their color Curry, which looks awesome in person.  The stamp is also from Paper Source and at the time it was on sale.  Boo-ya!  I then embossed each envelope with that stamp… it actually didn’t take to long… ahh, the benefits of not having 500 people on your guest list. 😀 The wrap around label on the back has our return address. (Which are also blurred out for privacy reasons, I don’t want you stalking us!)

What our guests saw when they opened the envelope.

What’s that you see?  Even Buddy made an appearance!  I also tied together our color scheme with the bunting in the background.  After this picture was taken I rounded the corners.  What can I say?  I like to pretend that I am a perfectionist.

These tags wrapped around the “tie the knot” Save the Dates and are stickers (also in Curry from Paper Source) that have the date and location of our wedding.  I can’t remember where I initially saw this idea, but it wouldn’t surprise me the idea originated from Martha.  I used my cricut to cut out the “tags” and twine to hold everything in place.

I am not a graphic artist, nor do I play one on TV, but I think they came together rather nicely.  I am hoping to eventually link up my DIY wedding to do list (on the right side of the page) to each project, but to do that I have to teach myself I little more coding then I know so it may be awhile.

Are you planning or have you planned a wedding?  Do you have or had a lot of DIY wedding projects?



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