Weekend wrap-up

Friday, after work, I picked Jonathan up from the Metra and we went to Yard House for dinner. The food was delish and after many months of coaxing Jon into going he randomly suggested it once he heard from some co-workers how fantastic it is. Plus having over 100 beers on tap never hurts! I knew he would like it and I boy, was I right!

We started with lettuce wraps for an appetizers and they were amazing. For my entrée I ordered the “Gardein” Chicken and Rice Bowl. The “chicken” was actually made from soy substitute. The rest of the bowl contained  broccoli, bok choy, snap peas, carrots, shiitake, peppers, and baby corn. I have to say it was delicious. They also have a huge section on the menu devoted to Gardien items which makes this place a vegetarian’s dream. (I am not a vegetarian, just not a heavy meat-eater in general.

Jonathan’s choice was lobster pasta (Ew). We have such different taste buds; it is incredible. He likes to try everything while I do not really enjoy trying new foods.

Saturday morning we woke up early and I had to run some errands: like wash my car and make some stops at various craft stores. Before we started on our excursion, I’d thought we would try the restaurant down the road that we having been meaning to go to since they opened up in the fall. I have become pretty good at making healthy selections when eating out; but this weekend demonstrated that I do not always make the best choice; especially when it comes to breakfast. I love breakfast; so it would have been hard impossible for me to order something like oatmeal when there were so many fun options!

Jon and I both ordered the breakfast sandwich, mine with bacon, egg, and american cheese on wheat toast. He chose the same but on a bagel and with sausage. I also decided to order us some French Toast (my favorite breakfast food) because I thought it was just two slices that we could split. I must have read the menu wrong because it was another full meal.


Some cute art on the wall inside the restaurant.


Our breakfast. The sandwiches were good but the French Toast was fantastic.


Cute diner on the outside, right? I drive past this place at least two times a day. So I was happy we finally made it in!

After breakfast, I ran my errands; which included finally finding a dress for our wedding shower that is in two weeks! I’m so happy I finally found something that I like but also feel comfortable in. To be honest, since loosing a lot of weight (6lbs away from 100! Woohoo!) I still feel self-conscious in clothes, especially dresses. Therefore dress shopping for the shower, where I will be the center of attention, was a little daunting; but I managed to find something at last! (I did end up buying and returning 3 other dresses in the process!)

Later, Jonathan had what I like to call a “man date” with his best friend, Mehul. I took this as the perfect opportunity to rent a chick flick (starring Mandy Moore) from Red Box and work on some wedding crafts!

First on my list of tasks? Labels for the wedding invitations! They came out great, and I will be posting the final product in the next week or two.


My Saturday night date: my beloved MacBook accompanied by my new drawing tablet. 😀 What can I say? I like to live on the wild side. After finishing the labels I worked on some wedding projects that I will be revealing later in the week… So stay tuned!

Sunday was great; we invited both of our moms to go with us to our wedding venue to help finalize the menu. I thought that we would be given “a little of this, a little of that” to try, but boy was I wrong! They loaded up with food, which would have been great if I wasn’t worrying about looking fabulous in my wedding dress in a mer 68 days. (but who’s counting?) 😉

When I tell people where our reception is the first thing is usually “they have the best food!” I went in thinking that the food is probably good, but it can’t be amazing, it is wedding food after all. Boy was I (happily) wrong! The food was divine, and made us both even more excited for the wedding!


We chose two options of the menu to try, and they gave us four entire platefuls. (Two of each options).  This does not include the canapes and mounds of salad that came before the main course.

The day ended with a quick trip to Wal-Mart for some food staples and returning home to craft while catching up on the new show Alcatraz.

Needless to say, I will be working my booty off at the gym this week after seeing all the delectable food that I consumed this weekend!

How was your weekend? Do anything little different, fun, or exciting?



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