Well that’s a horse of a different color…

One of the first things I decided on when we got engaged was what colors I wanted throughout the wedding. I had yellow and navy blue gum-drops dancing through my head and one day when I was walking through Nordstrom’s I stumbled across a pair of yellow and navy blue shoes and it sealed the deal. I mean come’on it was a sign from God himself saying what my wedding hues shall be. Right?


And then my indecisiveness kicked in.  What can I say? I’m a visual person and a woman.

I kept thinking that maybe navy blue and yellow was a little too nautical for us. It’s not like either of us are in the Navy or own a boat, or even live near the beach. So I thought perhaps pink and navy I thought. Jonathan nixed that fast. When it comes to the wedding Jonathan said that the big decisions were up to me, and he just wants me happy (that’s the sign of a good man!) But the two things he does want are: red-velvet cake, and not to wear pink of his wedding day. I can make that happen.


So then I kept trying to come up with the perfect mixture. I wanted something fun, yet classy, perhaps a little preppy, and new. I find myself getting stuck on things and unable to move forward until I get over certain humps. When it comes to the wedding the colors were my Mt. Everest, and I shall overcome. My next choice was navy and lime green.


But I kept going back to my first choice of navy and yellow, plus I did have the perfect shoes all picked out. But something just wasn’t right. Until I stumbled across this inspiration board:


And I knew this was the choice. It’s perfect. Yellow and navy, but grey to break up the nautical-ness. I can picture the groomsmen decked out in grey suits, navy ties, and yellow boutonnieres.  The bridesmaids in navy dresses (I feel like it is a flattering color on most people) and yellow bouquets, and perhaps grey heels.

Did you have a hard time picking out colors for your wedding?  If you’re not planning a wedding do you think you would have a difficult time deciding on colors or is there something else you see yourself getting hung up on?


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