Mr. & Mrs.

I alluded to this fun and easy project I finished Sunday night in my Weekend Wrap-Up.  So far this project ended up being one of my favorites to date. First, I picked up some plain cardboard letters from Hobby Lobby along with some white paint. Then I went to Jo-Ann fabrics and stumbled across some fabulously ugly birds that were 40% off. You see an ugly bird? I see a painting opportunity!

My supplies:


After about 5 coats of acrylic paint, (I learned quickly that cardboard absorbs paint like crazy) the letters achieved the perfect shade of white.

Next, I took some felt that I had lying around and made some circles.

Supplies: felt, scissors, and tacky glue. I like to use clear because it’s not noticeable if the glue leaks over on the sides of the felt. Mistakes happen, it’s up to you to take the proper precautions. 😉


The first step was to cut the felt into long strips. I didn’t measure because I’m not a measuring kind of gal. I usually fly by the seat of my pants and it works or as Tim Gun say, I “make it work.” That, or I have probably inadvertently taught my neighbor a few new swear words. 😡


Next you take your felt and start rolling. The secret is to roll tightly, especially at first. You also want to draw a thin line of glue down the strip. I used one felt strip for the smaller circles and put two together for the larger circles.


Line up the end of one strip with the beginning of another and continue to glue, glue, glue.


This is what you end up with: easy peasy.


Finally, I decided to add some pearl stickers to the center of each circle.


Time to glue some of these bad boys together. This is where you bring out the big guns, errr hot glue guns. I made sure to glue along the seam where the felt strip ends on each circle because doing so hides the seams.

Next up: accent love birds.


Supplies: Two cheap birds, paint, paint brush, and gloss varnish.

At JoAnn’s I purchased 5 sets of these birds because they were $2 and then spilt them up and painted half gray and the other half yellow.

The final product will sit in front of us a the King’s Table which like a head table, but it also includes family, so our parents will sit with us, and people sit on BOTH sides; except for right in front of us (according the owner of our venue).

To further illustrate my point here is a picture of a King’s Table:



This is the final product and I really like how it turned out.  I am hoping that I will find a place for it in our new apartment.  Gray and yellow have quickly become my favorite color combination so I do no think I will have a problem finding a spot for this once we are actually a Mr. & Mrs. 😀

That is one of my projects from the weekend; and I love how they turned out. Did you tackle anything crafty this weekend?



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6 responses to “Mr. & Mrs.

  1. These are absolutely adorable! Bravo! I really wanted to do the oversized letter/monogram thing, too and didn’t! I love those fabric flowers. DARLING!!

  2. Kathleen these are soo good! Love the colors! I wish I was even a bit “artsy.” Even if someone gave me step by step directions, I would still manage to screw it up somehow. haha

  3. Julia- Thanks so much! I’m sure you could manage something crafty, the secret is to make something like this, it looks like it took a lot more work then it actually did! LOL 😀

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