Productivity Wednesday!

 Last night I had a very productive evening.  Usually during the week I am just tempted to sit on my arse and do nothing, while watching quality television like The Bachelor and Real Houewives. But alas I worked on labeling and stamping all the RSVP’s that I mentioned working on in my Monday post.

The design I worked hard on, I used a combination of vector drawing with the touchpad on my MacBook (yeah, the mouse is on its way in the mail after that) and my awesome new drawing tablet.  I really like how they turned out;  I actually love the way they turned out.  Perhaps I could be a little more modest but I worked hard on these babies, gosh darn it!


The bird theme is now tied in throughout our entire invitation suite.


I made them like postcards so this is the front and back.

I was originally going to mail them as postcards but since the size I needed was the smallest size the USPS will mail, I foresaw lots and lots of “lost in the mail” RSVPs.  So I decided to waste the extra postage and go with envelopes.


The address labels I designed and ran through this awesome little machine, called a Xyron.  It’s probably one of my favorite crafting tools to date.  That and my Martha Stewart scissors.  Martha makes everything better!


And these are the address labels for the outside of our invitations.

 I designed them this weekend as well.  I will have to make one with some fake information because when I blurred out all the info it kind of looses it’s luster.  They are “wrap around ” labels, like the ones on our Save the Dates.  Let me tell you, addressing 86 of these bad boys took a lot longer then I anticipated.  Let’s just say momma needs some coffee this morning!

Do you have any strategies to make sure you are productive during the week, especially on Hump Day (Wednesday)?



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4 responses to “Productivity Wednesday!

  1. I really love your invites. How cute

  2. I reaaally love the color scheme of these – so cute! I cant believe you did all 86 of these..that must have taken FOREVER! haha

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