Belly band DIY

Here is a quick tutorial for cute belly bands that I put around the inner envelopes of our invitations.

Supplies: scissors, ribbon, hot glue gun


Take two pieces of ribbon, the longer one is about 11 inches, and the shorter one is about eight.


Make a circle out of each ribbon by slapping some glue on the ends.


Take a smaller piece of ribbon (about an inch and a half) and wrap it around the center smaller circle; glue the back together.


I like to take the assembly line approach, so I repeated this step about 90 times.


Now, take one of the bows and glue it to the larger circle.




The finished product: our inner envelopes with a cute belly band that I estimate to cost about 10 cents or less a pop!

I originally saw this idea on weddingbee many months ago and unfortunately can not remember the original blogger. 😦 Ah, life before pinterest, makes me so thankful for the capabilities to “pin” things, thus remembering where the original idea came from. I absolutely love these bows, they are super quick to make and look classy, preppy, and chic.

Have you tackled and easy DIY projects lately?



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3 responses to “Belly band DIY

  1. Gosh what did we do when we did not have pinterest? Maybe actually get work done? haha. I love how creative and artsy you are – you must be saving a TONS of money on the wedding by being able to do a lot of the decor yourself!

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