Brief hiatus…

Between an insane weekend which started off with me having a cold and ended with me going to the clinic at Walgreen’s Tuesday morning to finally get a prescription and diagnosis for a sinus infection, I barely have had time to think, let alone blog, but I made a promise to myself to give L&S some TLC. I do have to admit, it’s pretty crazy how much better I feel this morning just after taking my first dose of antibiotic this morning.

This weekend I didn’t have time to think about how sick I was feeling- Saturday I went for my first dress fitting and found out the store ordered my dress 3.5 inches too short. Many tears later and a skinny girl margarita (or two) to sooth my anxiety and nose; Saturday continued into a world wind of makeup trials and working on some shower and wedding details with my mom. After no success on Monday yesterday morning my mom, her friends, and my amazing seamstress got the situation rectified with the dress store. I was too emotional to deal with them (and how rude they were being) plus I live an hour away so it was too difficult to travel back and forth, especially while under the weather. After the wedding I will be doing a review on this store, I’d love to save other brides from the headache they caused me.

Sunday we had a lovely wedding shower surrounded by many family and friends. People were way too gracious and it seemed as if everyone had a great time.

I will post more details about both wedding milestones at another point, but for now I will leave you with a picture from Sunday.




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2 responses to “Brief hiatus…

  1. Awe I am so sorry you had a rough weekend but it seems like it all came together in the end..yay for that! 🙂

    Btw, the “1 month to go” mark is on right exciting!! 🙂

  2. Yes it did, thanks! That one month to go mark is kind of bothering me, it’s really almost 2 months! LOL, I need my extra few weeks for sanity purposes! 🙂

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