Pinterest inspired


I had this image stuck in my head that I saw on Pinterest a few weeks ago, but I wasn’t sure how I wanted to incorporate it into our wedding. I love the burlap, but I am making burlap runners and didn’t want the table decor to be, well, too burlapy. So I decided to take some navy and yellow paper scraps that I had lying around and whip something up last night.



I am not entirely sold on the idea yet, but I think the hearts will add a little something extra to the table scapes. Plus they take only a few minutes to make, and lastly, why not add another DIY project when we are only 7 weeks away? 😉



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3 responses to “Pinterest inspired

  1. Are they made out of paper? I REALLY like the idea but perhaps you can use some other sort of material to make them look more classy and more “formal”?

    • I really like the idea too…. I think I am going to “sit” on this idea awhile… I think perhaps some type of harder fabric may be a better idea, I will have to take a gander at Jo-Ann’s next time I go. Thanks so much for the feedback!! 😀

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