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I know I have mentioned a few times copious amounts of times how much a love Pinterest. From recipes to wedding planning it’s a great way to find inspiration whatever your interest may be. When it comes to wedding planning Pinterest is a land of never-ending options and inspiration.  But I’m sure you already knew that, unless you have been living under a virtual rock.

I have mulled over what do for a guest book for some months now. I knew I didn’t want to do the typical signature book per-say, because what do people really do with it after? In my house it would sit in a corner and collect dust and then in a few years probably end up in a garbage can. Sad but probably true. 😦


I did find many beautiful and interesting ideas on various wedding blogs. From the ever popular thumb print tree, to a scrap-book and everything in between. But I finally stumbled upon this inspiration picture from Style Me Pretty.


So I did what any other normal bride would do: I scoured Etsy shops during my lunch break at work. 🙂 But I soon found out that one of these bad boys would cost me close to $200. What’s a girl to do? Open up Illustrator and figure out how to make one myself!

My next hurdle was finding an affordable printer. Kinko’s doesn’t do customized sizing, plus from what I remember pricing started around $70. I finally found which is very reasonable and I highly recommend.

My next frugal step was to find a frame. I literally looked up from my couch and noticed a piece of “artwork” that I bought 4 years ago from Home-Goods. It is not my favorite piece but I don’t hate it. It got the job done for four years and I believe it only cost me $15 then. Hello clearance rack! But for the first time in four years I noticed and said to myself, damn that’s a nice frame.

I wish I had a better picture of the frame before I ripped it apart, but I digress. I measured the frame, and then made the document in Illustrator that size exactly. I then messed around in Illustrator, sent it off to uprinting, crossed my fingers, said a little prayer, and hoped for the best!

This is what I opened tonight:

And then I put it into the frame:

Close up:

Call me my own biggest fan, but I love the way it turned out. And this baby only cost me $30 with shipping. For our reception I am going to take the glass out of the frame and have Sharpies readily available for people to sign the hearts. I am so happy I came across the inspiration for this project on Pinterest. I can’t wait to hang it up in our new apartment once we are married. I feel like this is something that we will display and cherish for years to come.

Stop back to loveandsapphire after our wedding and I might be selling them! 😉

Have you made anything that you pinned recently? What was it?



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3 responses to “Guest Book

  1. This is such a great idea. I wish I’d thought of it for my own wedding 🙂

  2. thebitchybride

    This is so original. You’re right, you’ll be able to appreciate this for the rest of your lives.

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