good deals, good times (part one)

I consider myself a connoisseur of good deals; and I feel like that is my duty to bestow this information onto you.

I discovered HauteLook a few years ago. I think it’s the predecessor when it comes to all the sale sites. What I love about HauteLook is the brands are pretty middle of the road, meaning there is more Free People and Ella Moss and less Chanel. Girlfriend can’t afford Chanel even in my wildest 95% off dreams.

Today I came home to these beauties:


Seriously, who doesn’t love come home to a package? Especially shoes! The only thing better than coming home to a package you are expecting, is coming home to one you aren’t. Like wedding registry presents. When I come home to mysterious boxes I know I didn’t pay for; I’m happier than a newly knocked up Tori Spelling.


Behold the beauty (the shoes, not me feet). The best part? The price! Only 15 dollahs!


Taking a picture hunched over on one foot is a lot harder than it sounds...hence the blurry picture!

These were also only $15, that’s cheaper than Target. Both of them retail for $70… seem to good to be true? Here’s my proof!

I saved $110! I practically made money off of this deal. Anyways, go over to HauteLook, join so you get the daily e-mails, and check out what they have today… you never know what you may find.

A little tip from myself (a HauteLook veteran). Say one of your favorite brands is going on sale Friday morning. You better get your booty logged into the site by 9:58am and just keep hitting refresh until the sale starts at 10am. All the good stuff gets taken fast so you best bring your A-Game!


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One response to “good deals, good times (part one)

  1. I love hautelook..I’ve bought some really cute dresses off the site…it’s like a hidden gem! lol

    LOVE those shoes though, totally cute!!

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