how to make a wedding seating chart (and not want to shoot yourself in the foot)

Saturday night, after a Skinny Girl Marg run with Momma Sheila (our beverage of choice) my BFF & Second in Command, D, came over and helped with some projects and the seating chart.  I saw this idea on Pinterest awhile ago and felt like it was the way to go since it looks like the easiest way to make a wedding seating plan; but I still needed a little direction (and D is a teacher, so directions is something she is especially good at). 😉


And this is what I ended up with:

The colors don’t mean anything in mine, apparently I do not have it as together as the fake bride in the photo-shoot above, but I digress.

Here are the steps:

  1. Start off with a few select people, debate with your mom for over 20 minutes where they should sit.
  2. Have your friend interject and point out how it would make much more sense to write all the names out on each individual post-it so you can see everyone.  Points for being visual D!
  3. Separate the post-its into groups: my cousins, our friends, his family, my family, family friends etc.
  4. Then take those groups and magically make them fit at the tables.
One of the reasons why I fell in love with our venue was because some tables are small, some are big, some are round, some are square.. it just looks more natural to me. (That and the charivari chairs, BOOM!)  Doing this seating chart made me wish I chose a traditional banquet hall with 15 roundtables that all sit eight!
All in all, the tables came out good.  I took the next step in this venture last night by using google docs to bring the seating chart into the 21st century.  I had to figure out an easy way to send it off the my future MIL (mother in law) who’s been making a few trips back and forth to the great white north (a.k.a. Wisconsin) so I haven’t been able to see her lately.  Once she looks at it and give it two thumbs up (and hopefully not down) I will continue designing our escort cards.
Also: shout out to my guest: I only had to chase down a couple of RSVPs, and they are all accounted for by now!  Nice job guys! (cue round of applause).


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