Things that make me go “hmmm?”

Yesterday I leafed through a magazine of the break-room of my office while I heated up some coffee in the microwave. At that point I stumbled across this picture: (can’t remember if was Cosmo, Marie Claire etc).


Seriously? “modest cut for shy types?” Now I’m not trying to be a hater; if you have a rocking body, rock away. My philosophy is that if God made me a size two I’d be so conceited that I would walk around in a string bikini 24/7. In the mid-west. In the dead of winter. This is why, even at my tiniest I am a 10, but I am perfectly content with that.

My point is this: that shirt is not for a “shy type.” I generally deduce conservative or “shy” dressing girls also have a wardrobe which can be worn to work in some capacity. I wouldn’t even wear this in front of my screw-drive drinking, liberal-minded, swear like a sailor, Irish granny, let alone out to work or public. Hell, I wouldn’t even wear it to Da Club. If going to Da Club was what I did.

Either way you cut it, this shirt is not for “shy” girls. This shirt is for girls as confident as Tara Banks on season 55 of America’s Next Type Model. I commend you ladies, but don’t listen to the magazine when it says putting a cardigan over the crop top makes it work appropriate. Unless you button it; which then what the hell is the point of a crop top? And when did crop tops even come back in style? So many questions, so little time; but one thing I have learned is 90s fashion is reallycoming back full force.


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