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Friday Favorites


The sale I stumbled upon at Michael’s is at the top of my favorite list this week.  I ran in quickly to pick up a paintbrush and came out with a two huge bags filled with 40% off “Spring Decor.”  Or fabulous wedding decorations if you’re this girl!  Done & Done.


Monday night I stayed up until 3am to finish these puppies.  I mailed them out Tuesday morning two months exactly before the wedding.  I can not tell you the relief I felt when I handed that box over at the post office.


Saturday Jonathan and I took my mom out to dinner to one of our favorite Irish restaurants in Chicago.  Jon wasn’t feeling well so I ordered him a hot toddy.  He had one taste and looked like he was going to upchuck toddies all over the table; so I took over and finished it off.  Delish.  Then I reminded him that he is marrying an Irish woman, so my at home remedies usually involve alcohol of some type.


These koozies.  I think there are freaking hilarious, and stumbling upon them this week made me re-think our current favor ideas.  I’m sure some people think they might be a tad tacky; I think they are amazingly awesome.

What are some of your favorite things from this week?


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