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Cake topper

Last night consisted of me randomly getting inspired; making a “quick stop” at Jo-Ann’s and Micahel’s. {Ever notice how both of those stores don’t have everything you need? It’s a conspiracy!} Anyways, here is my Wednesday night DIY, super awesome cake topper:

Now I just have to say peace out to the old cake topped that I bought when we first got engaged. Never really liked it… Was just spur of the moment: omfgimactiallygettingmarriedyey! Kind of purchase. 😉


’til next time,


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No more wire hangers!!

Bonus points of you recognize the movie quote, which I think should be fairly obvious. I always have wanted one of those cute wire hangers from etsy for my dress; but could not justify spending $35+ on a damn hanger. What’s a girl to do? Make a bootleg herself of course!


Hanger from Target+yellow paint+wood hearts from Joann’s+doilys= a hanger that will look good in pictures and didn’t break the bank!

Detailed instructions will follow after the wedding; when I have time; 15 days to go!

{and trying to get the colors to show up correctly makes me realize that after the wedding I need to take the time to take pictures with an real camera, and not my phone… the convenience of modern technology makes me lazy apparently!}


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Martha & Escort Cards


This is my “it’s so good it’s bad aisle” at Jo-Ann’s. Especially since they are redoing the store I frequent and now the Martha Stewart section is more appropriately sized! I kept sending Jon texts consisting of, “Martha is amazing!!” “Martha has done it soooo right the season!”

I had immediate inspiration for my escort cards as soon as I walked down this aisle last night. Can’t wait to show you!

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Wordless Wednesday


Sneak peak part two of my cute menus for our wedding. I spent my lunch break cutting these babies out yesterday.

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Menus Part One

You would think that when I hit the MTGM (month to go mark) last week that I would have more important things on my mind then menus. Well I didn’t; and some people think I’m crazy. CoughMommaSheilaCough. I live for this crap. If I could spend half my day perusing the internet for wedding craft ideas and the other half wandering around Jo-Ann Fabrics I would!

The menus will serve two purposes; the first one being the obvious: telling people what they shall eat for the night. The second is not so obvious and will be revealed in a later post.

For now I am keeping it simple and showing you the awesome fabric I choose as an accent for our cute, adorable, and amazing wedding menus 😉


In other non-wedding related news, my homegirl Bethenny Frankel came out with a new flavor in her Skinny Girl line. I feel the need to share this news because Sunday I was shocked to see the amount of hits L& received from people searching Carona-Rita recipes, which I supply the recipe in this post. So the Skinny Girl Piña Colada is my beverage if choice to highlight this week. (Because apparently L&S readers like crafting and drinking, awesome).  It doesn’t live up to the first-born: Skinny Girl margarita. SG margarita is my number one choice so Piña Colada does pale in comparison (to be 100% honest) but it tastes a hell of a lot better than her Cosmo, which literally tastes like you are drinking an old bottle Calvin Klein perfume from the mid-nineties. I only tried a little of the Piña Colada because it was a little too sweet for my liking. I think it would taste better blended vs. on the rocks. Give it a try, and let me know! But try the margarita version first if you’re a Skinny Girl virgin.


Happy Tuesday!


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Run table, run!

Here is just a preview of the table runners Momma Sheila and I worked on Saturday night. What can I say? I’m a wild child who likes to work on wedding crafts on a weekend night; or I’m just getting old! Anyways, without further adieu,




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Sunday night DIY

I consider myself an “expert” in wedding trends. I didn’t think their was a trend of DIY project that I have not heard of until a few weeks ago when I stumbled upon the idea of chair garland.

(Source) (Source) (Source)

After looking at pinterest for some inspiration I found something called “yarn balls” and started at my garland yesterday! I used the tutorial from here, and it was really helpful. I only plan to do this at the king’s table, so hopefully it won’t take that long. I feel like my time could be spent on more important projects like programs; but this was a simple and easy project to get started on a lazy Sunday after soon after an eventful St. Paddy’s day. 😉

I also made this cute head band before we left for our St. Paddy’s Day shenanigans. Watch out for the tutorial that will be coming later in the week!


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