Things that make me go “hmmm?”

Yesterday I leafed through a magazine of the break-room of my office while I heated up some coffee in the microwave. At that point I stumbled across this picture: (can’t remember if was Cosmo, Marie Claire etc).


Seriously? “modest cut for shy types?” Now I’m not trying to be a hater; if you have a rocking body, rock away. My philosophy is that if God made me a size two I’d be so conceited that I would walk around in a string bikini 24/7. In the mid-west. In the dead of winter. This is why, even at my tiniest I am a 10, but I am perfectly content with that.

My point is this: that shirt is not for a “shy type.” I generally deduce conservative or “shy” dressing girls also have a wardrobe which can be worn to work in some capacity. I wouldn’t even wear this in front of my screw-drive drinking, liberal-minded, swear like a sailor, Irish granny, let alone out to work or public. Hell, I wouldn’t even wear it to Da Club. If going to Da Club was what I did.

Either way you cut it, this shirt is not for “shy” girls. This shirt is for girls as confident as Tara Banks on season 55 of America’s Next Type Model. I commend you ladies, but don’t listen to the magazine when it says putting a cardigan over the crop top makes it work appropriate. Unless you button it; which then what the hell is the point of a crop top? And when did crop tops even come back in style? So many questions, so little time; but one thing I have learned is 90s fashion is reallycoming back full force.


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how to make a wedding seating chart (and not want to shoot yourself in the foot)

Saturday night, after a Skinny Girl Marg run with Momma Sheila (our beverage of choice) my BFF & Second in Command, D, came over and helped with some projects and the seating chart. ¬†I saw this idea on Pinterest awhile ago and felt like it was the way to go since it looks like the easiest way to make a wedding seating plan; but I still needed a little direction (and D is a teacher, so directions is something she is especially good at). ūüėČ


And this is what I ended up with:

The colors don’t mean anything in mine, apparently I do not have it as together as the fake bride in the¬†photo-shoot¬†above, but I digress.

Here are the steps:

  1. Start off with a few select people, debate with your mom for over 20 minutes where they should sit.
  2. Have your friend interject and point out how it would make much more sense to write all the names out on each individual post-it so you can see everyone.  Points for being visual D!
  3. Separate the post-its into groups: my cousins, our friends, his family, my family, family friends etc.
  4. Then take those groups and magically make them fit at the tables.
One of the reasons why I fell in love with our venue was because some tables are small, some are big, some are round, some are square.. it just looks more natural to me. (That and the charivari chairs, BOOM!)  Doing this seating chart made me wish I chose a traditional banquet hall with 15 roundtables that all sit eight!
All in all, the¬†tables¬†came out good. ¬†I took the next step in this venture last night by using google docs to bring the seating chart into the 21st century. ¬†I had to figure out an easy way to send it off the my future MIL (mother in law) who’s been making¬†a few trips back and forth to the great white north (a.k.a. Wisconsin) so I haven’t been able to see her lately. ¬†Once she looks at it and give it two thumbs up (and hopefully not down) I will continue designing our escort cards.
Also: shout out to my guest: I only had to chase down a couple of RSVPs, and they are all accounted for by now!  Nice job guys! (cue round of applause).

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Martha & Escort Cards


This is my “it’s so good it’s bad aisle” at Jo-Ann’s. Especially since they are redoing the store I frequent¬†and now the Martha Stewart section is more appropriately sized! I kept sending Jon texts consisting of, “Martha is amazing!!” “Martha has done it soooo¬†right the season!”

I had immediate inspiration for my escort cards as soon as I walked down this aisle last night. Can’t wait to show you!

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good deals, good times (part one)

I consider myself a connoisseur of good deals; and I feel like that is my duty to bestow this information onto you.

I discovered HauteLook a few years ago. I think it’s the predecessor when it comes to all the sale sites. What I love about HauteLook is the brands are pretty middle of the road, meaning there is more Free People and Ella Moss and less Chanel. Girlfriend can’t afford Chanel even in my wildest 95% off dreams.

Today I came home to these beauties:


Seriously, who doesn’t love come home to a package? Especially shoes! The only thing better than coming home to a package you are expecting, is coming home to one you aren’t. Like wedding registry presents. When I come home to mysterious boxes I know I didn’t pay for; I’m happier than a newly knocked up Tori Spelling.


Behold the beauty (the shoes, not me feet). The best part? The price! Only 15 dollahs!


Taking a picture hunched over on one foot is a lot harder than it sounds...hence the blurry picture!

These were also only $15, that’s cheaper than Target. Both of them retail for $70… seem to good to be true? Here’s my proof!

I saved $110! I practically made money off of this deal. Anyways, go over to HauteLook, join so you get the daily e-mails, and check out what they have today… you never know what you may find.

A little tip from myself (a HauteLook veteran). Say one of your favorite brands is going on sale Friday morning. You better get your booty logged into the site by 9:58am and just keep hitting refresh until the sale starts at 10am. All the good stuff gets taken fast so you best bring your A-Game!

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Wordless Wednesday


Sneak peak part two of my cute menus for our wedding. I spent my lunch break cutting these babies out yesterday.

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Menus Part One

You would think that when I hit the MTGM (month to go mark) last week that I would have more important things on my mind then menus. Well I didn’t; and some people think I’m crazy. CoughMommaSheilaCough. I live for this crap. If I could spend half my day perusing the internet for wedding craft ideas and the other half wandering around Jo-Ann Fabrics I would!

The menus will serve two purposes; the first one being the obvious: telling people what they shall eat for the night. The second is not so obvious and will be revealed in a later post.

For now I am keeping it simple and showing you the awesome fabric I choose as an accent for our cute, adorable, and amazing wedding menus ūüėČ


In other non-wedding related news, my homegirl Bethenny Frankel came out with a new flavor in her Skinny Girl line. I feel the need to share this news because Sunday I was shocked to see the amount of hits L& received from people searching Carona-Rita recipes, which I supply the recipe in this post. So the Skinny Girl Pi√Īa¬†Colada is my beverage if choice to highlight this week. (Because apparently L&S readers like crafting and¬†drinking, awesome). ¬†It doesn’t live up to the first-born: Skinny Girl margarita. SG margarita is my number one choice so Pi√Īa Colada does pale in comparison (to be 100% honest) but it tastes a hell of a lot better than her Cosmo, which literally tastes like you are drinking an old bottle Calvin Klein perfume from the mid-nineties. I only tried a little of the Pi√Īa Colada because it was a little too sweet for my liking. I think it would taste better blended vs. on the rocks. Give it a try, and let me know! But try the margarita version first if you’re a Skinny Girl virgin.


Happy Tuesday!


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Happy Friday!

Something that makes me happy:


Flowers “just because.”

Have a great weekend!

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