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Beer from Lake Bluff Brewery. We didn’t go this weekend; or for the past few weekends… Buuuut this place has the best micro-brews. Makes me never want to move from Lake Bluff. almost. I’d take living closer to Momma Sheila any day over a good beer. No matter how delish. I think I’m just really craving beer since I’m denying myself it until the wedding. Can ya tell?


Marriage license Friday! I told Jonathan’s sister via text after I sent this pic that I hope our photographer can center photos better then myself. 😉


My favorite boys! ‘Nuff said.


Flowers last night to say “happy 12 days til we’re married.” I think I found a keeper. 😉

This covo from this morning that Jonathan started. Cracks me up. I win for creativity though! 😉

What are some of you favorite things as of late?


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Gratuitous dog post (aka budman is awesome)


Wordless Thursday?

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