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Sunday night DIY

I consider myself an “expert” in wedding trends. I didn’t think their was a trend of DIY project that I have not heard of until a few weeks ago when I stumbled upon the idea of chair garland.

(Source) (Source) (Source)

After looking at pinterest for some inspiration I found something called “yarn balls” and started at my garland yesterday! I used the tutorial from here, and it was really helpful. I only plan to do this at the king’s table, so hopefully it won’t take that long. I feel like my time could be spent on more important projects like programs; but this was a simple and easy project to get started on a lazy Sunday after soon after an eventful St. Paddy’s day. ūüėČ

I also made this cute head band before we left for our St. Paddy’s Day shenanigans. Watch out for the tutorial that will be coming later in the week!



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Guest Book

I know I have mentioned a few times copious amounts of times how much a love Pinterest. From recipes to wedding planning it’s a great way to find inspiration whatever your interest may be. When it comes to wedding planning Pinterest is a land of never-ending options and inspiration. ¬†But I’m sure you already knew that, unless you have been living under a virtual rock.

I have mulled over what do for a guest book for some months now. I knew I didn’t want to do the typical signature book per-say, because what do people really do with it after? In my house it would sit in a corner and collect dust and then in a few years probably end up in a garbage can. Sad but probably true. ūüė¶


I did find many beautiful and interesting ideas on various wedding blogs. From the ever popular thumb print tree, to a scrap-book and everything in between. But I finally stumbled upon this inspiration picture from Style Me Pretty.


So I did what any other normal bride would do: I scoured Etsy shops during my lunch break at work. ūüôā But I soon found out that one of these bad boys would cost me close to $200. What’s a girl to do? Open up Illustrator and figure out how to make one myself!

My next hurdle was finding an affordable printer. Kinko’s doesn’t do customized sizing, plus from what I remember pricing started around $70. I finally found uprinting.com which is very reasonable and I highly recommend.

My next frugal step was to find a frame. I literally looked up from my couch and noticed a piece of “artwork” that I bought 4 years ago from Home-Goods. It is not my favorite piece but I don’t hate it. It got the job done for four years and I believe it only cost me $15 then. Hello clearance rack! But for the first time in four years I noticed and said to myself, damn that’s a nice frame.

I wish I had a better picture of the frame before I ripped it apart, but I digress. I measured the frame, and then made the document in Illustrator that size exactly. I then messed around in Illustrator, sent it off to uprinting, crossed my fingers, said a little prayer, and hoped for the best!

This is what I opened tonight:

And then I put it into the frame:

Close up:

Call me my own biggest fan, but I love the way it turned out. And this baby only cost me $30 with shipping. For our reception I am going to take the glass out of the frame and have Sharpies readily available for people to sign the hearts. I am so happy I came across the inspiration for this project on Pinterest. I can’t wait to hang it up in our new apartment once we are married. I feel like this is something that we will display and cherish for years to come.

Stop back to loveandsapphire after our wedding and I might be selling them! ūüėČ

Have you made anything that you pinned recently? What was it?


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Sunday night DIY

Call me crazy, I don’t care, but I hate the normal table numbers that banquet halls usually give. I feel like you spend a lot of dough on this big day, and usually have nice centerpieces… why ruin it all with some generic plastic number? But I also didn’t want to waste a lot of money on something so trivial, what to do, what to do?

I did what many brides do and made a quick trip to Ikea and picked up some Tolsby Picture Frames. (Which I am 99.9% sure I only paid .99 cents a frame for, which is why they were so appealing; they must have raised the price).


I did a quick search on google for some free gray backgrounds, and cut out some numbers via my Cricut, and make some of the fleece thingys that I showed how to make here.


The frames are two-sided, so the table number is on the front…


On the back are various pictures of Buddy… I wanted to incorporate¬†him here and there throughout the wedding so this was my way of having my B-Man represented. Plus, I feel like it may be fun for the guests to look at.

This week I will probably be posting a lot of project updates. Usually I save wedding projects for the weekend, but Saturday is St. Paddy’s day and Jon and I plan on spending it at our local Irish Pub! Very excited ūüôā So I will try to tackle as many DIY projects that I can during the week.


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Pinterest inspired


I had this image stuck in my head that I saw on Pinterest a few weeks ago, but I wasn’t sure how I wanted to incorporate it into our wedding. I love the burlap, but I am making burlap runners and didn’t want the table decor to be, well, too burlapy. So I decided to take some navy and yellow paper scraps that I had lying around and whip something up last night.



I am not entirely sold on the idea yet, but I think the hearts will add a little something extra to the table scapes. Plus they take only a few minutes to make, and lastly, why not add another DIY project when we are only 7 weeks away? ūüėČ


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Productivity Wednesday!

¬†Last night I had a very productive evening. ¬†Usually during the week I am just tempted to sit on my arse and do nothing, while watching quality television like The Bachelor and Real Houewives. But alas I worked on labeling and stamping all the RSVP’s that I mentioned working on in my Monday post.

The design I worked hard on, I used a combination of vector drawing with the touchpad on my MacBook (yeah, the mouse is on its way in the mail after that) and my awesome new drawing tablet.  I really like how they turned out;  I actually love the way they turned out.  Perhaps I could be a little more modest but I worked hard on these babies, gosh darn it!


The bird theme is now tied in throughout our entire invitation suite.


I made them like postcards so this is the front and back.

I was originally going to mail them as postcards but since the size I needed was the smallest size the USPS will mail, I foresaw lots and lots of “lost in the mail” RSVPs. ¬†So I decided to waste the extra postage and go with envelopes.


The address labels I designed and ran through this awesome little machine, called a Xyron. ¬†It’s probably one of my favorite crafting tools to date. ¬†That and my Martha Stewart scissors. ¬†Martha makes everything better!


And these are the address labels for the outside of our invitations.

¬†I designed them this weekend as well. ¬†I will have to make one with some fake information because when I blurred out all the info it kind of looses it’s luster. ¬†They are “wrap around¬†” labels, like the ones on our Save the Dates. ¬†Let me tell you, addressing 86 of these bad boys took a lot longer then I anticipated. ¬†Let’s just say momma needs some coffee this morning!

Do you have any strategies to make sure you are productive during the week, especially on Hump Day (Wednesday)?


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Mr. & Mrs.

I alluded to this fun and easy project I finished Sunday night in my Weekend Wrap-Up.  So far this project ended up being one of my favorites to date. First, I picked up some plain cardboard letters from Hobby Lobby along with some white paint. Then I went to Jo-Ann fabrics and stumbled across some fabulously ugly birds that were 40% off. You see an ugly bird? I see a painting opportunity!

My supplies:


After about 5 coats of acrylic paint, (I learned quickly that cardboard absorbs paint like crazy) the letters achieved the perfect shade of white.

Next, I took some felt that I had lying around and made some circles.

Supplies: felt, scissors, and tacky glue. I like to use clear because it’s not noticeable if the glue leaks over on the sides of the felt. Mistakes happen, it’s up to you to take the proper precautions. ūüėČ


The first step was to cut the felt into long strips. I didn’t measure because I’m not a measuring kind of gal. I usually fly by the seat of my pants and it works or as Tim Gun say, I “make it work.” That, or I have probably¬†inadvertently¬†taught my neighbor a few new swear words. ūüė°


Next you take your felt and start rolling. The secret is to roll tightly, especially at first. You also want to draw a thin line of glue down the strip. I used one felt strip for the smaller circles and put two together for the larger circles.


Line up the end of one strip with the beginning of another and continue to glue, glue, glue.


This is what you end up with: easy peasy.


Finally, I decided to add some pearl stickers to the center of each circle.


Time to glue some of these bad boys together. This is where you bring out the big guns, errr hot glue guns. I made sure to glue along the seam where the felt strip ends on each circle because doing so hides the seams.

Next up: accent love birds.


Supplies: Two cheap birds, paint, paint brush, and gloss varnish.

At JoAnn’s I purchased 5 sets of these birds because they were $2 and then spilt them up and painted¬†half gray and the other¬†half yellow.

The final¬†product will sit in front of us a the King’s Table which like a head table, but it also includes family, so our parents will sit with us, and people sit on BOTH sides; except for right in front of us (according the owner of our venue).

To further illustrate my point here is a picture of a King’s Table:



This is the final product and I really like how it turned out. ¬†I am hoping that I will find a place for it in our new apartment. ¬†Gray and yellow have quickly become my favorite color combination so I do no think I will have a problem finding a spot for this once we are actually a Mr. & Mrs. ūüėÄ

That is one of my projects from the weekend; and I love how they turned out. Did you tackle anything crafty this weekend?


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Wedding DIY- Save the Dates

My other online addiction besides Pinterst is weddingbee. ¬†I¬†discovered¬†that website ::cough beforeweevengotengaged cough: and have been addicted ever since. ¬†There are so many great ideas for DIY projects and it’s also a great community (or hive, in weddingbee speak) where I can get advice and questions answered almost instantly in the boards sections by ladies that have already planned their wedding or are maybe just a step or two ahead of me. ¬†One of the unique parts of weddingbee is the blogging section on the main page where you can read all about “Bees” plan their wedding from start to finish. ¬†Just go over to weddingbee and check it out if you are engaged, soon to be engaged, want to be engaged, married, single, anything!

I attribute my Save the Dates solely to weddingbee where there is an author by the name of Mrs. Waffles.  She had these awesome same the dates that I fell in love with right away, but wanted to somehow make them my own.

I incorporated our color scheme (yellow, gray, and blue) into our envelopes right away. ¬†I fell in love with the idea of a wrap around label so I incorporated that using Martha Stewart’s template. I then took a hole-puncher from Martha’s line and punched the edge of the label. Can you tell that I love me some Martha? (Names and addresses are blurred¬†out for privacy reasons, I don’t want you stalking my awesome fam!)

This is the back of the envelope (from Paper Source). ¬†I chose their color Curry, which looks awesome in person. ¬†The stamp is also from Paper Source and at the time it was on sale. ¬†Boo-ya! ¬†I then embossed each envelope with that stamp… it actually didn’t take to long… ahh, the benefits of not having 500 people on your guest list. ūüėÄ The wrap around label on the back has our return address. (Which are also blurred out for privacy reasons, I don’t want you stalking us!)

What our guests saw when they opened the envelope.

What’s that you see? ¬†Even Buddy made an¬†appearance! ¬†I also tied together our color scheme with the bunting in the background. ¬†After this picture was taken I rounded the¬†corners. ¬†What can I say? ¬†I like to pretend that I am a¬†perfectionist.

These tags wrapped around the “tie the knot” Save the Dates and are stickers (also in Curry from Paper Source) that have the date and location of our wedding. ¬†I can’t remember where I initially saw this idea, but it wouldn’t surprise me the idea originated from Martha. ¬†I used my cricut to cut out the “tags” and twine to hold everything in place.

I am not a graphic artist, nor do I play one on TV, but I think they came together rather nicely.  I am hoping to eventually link up my DIY wedding to do list (on the right side of the page) to each project, but to do that I have to teach myself I little more coding then I know so it may be awhile.

Are you planning or have you planned a wedding?  Do you have or had a lot of DIY wedding projects?


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