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Sunday night DIY

Call me crazy, I don’t care, but I hate the normal table numbers that banquet halls usually give. I feel like you spend a lot of dough on this big day, and usually have nice centerpieces… why ruin it all with some generic plastic number? But I also didn’t want to waste a lot of money on something so trivial, what to do, what to do?

I did what many brides do and made a quick trip to Ikea and picked up some Tolsby Picture Frames. (Which I am 99.9% sure I only paid .99 cents a frame for, which is why they were so appealing; they must have raised the price).


I did a quick search on google for some free gray backgrounds, and cut out some numbers via my Cricut, and make some of the fleece thingys that I showed how to make here.


The frames are two-sided, so the table number is on the front…


On the back are various pictures of Buddy… I wanted to incorporate him here and there throughout the wedding so this was my way of having my B-Man represented. Plus, I feel like it may be fun for the guests to look at.

This week I will probably be posting a lot of project updates. Usually I save wedding projects for the weekend, but Saturday is St. Paddy’s day and Jon and I plan on spending it at our local Irish Pub! Very excited 🙂 So I will try to tackle as many DIY projects that I can during the week.



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