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Like every other blogger out there, I decided to join Birchbox a month or two ago. This saturday I received my second one, and I have to admit that it is fun to get some samples every month. The nail polishes are especially fun. I am usually a nail polish “snob” and primarily stick to OPI or Essie, but in this month’s box there was another brand called Zoya. I really liked the application, the color went on thick but not too thick, and dried quickly. The color is a pretty shade of turquoise and according to the description from Birchbox, it lasts about 50% longer than traditional polishes. I will let you know at the end of the week how the color stayed. It’s called “Bevin.”


{trying to be a nail polish model?}

I did skip ahead a bit, here is my March box freshly opened

Birchboxs usually come with five items. Besides the nail polish it came with:

  • Befine {Skincare Sampler}
  • Lulu Organics {Lavender +Clary Sage Hiar Powder}
  • Taylor Swift {Wonderstruck}
  • Yes To {Blueberries Brightening Facial Towelettes}

The other item that I tested so far is the Taylor Swift perfume. I have to admit, usually I don’t buy celebrity perfumes, clothing lines, etc. It all just strikes me as cheesy. But this perfume is ah-ma-ZING. I absolutely love the way it smells. I am even thinking of purchasing the full size bottle and wearing it as my wedding day scent. {Which I used to think was a b.s. but now that I am getting closer to the wedding I am thinking I may have to get something.} I very rarely wear perfume. Random fact about Jon is that he doesn’t have a sense of smell. So buying perfume usually seems like a waste to me. Especially since once you spray it on, you get used to the smell and can’t smell it anymore. But I am considering buying Wonderstruck.

I am also looking forward to trying to Yes To Blueberries; I love blueberries {get that from Momma Sheila} and I like face wipes to remove makeup when I am just feeling lazy and don’t feel like breaking out the Clarisonic.

All in all, after being a participant of Birchbox for two months I think it is well worth the $10 a month. You are basically just paying for shipping and handling. If you like to try new products I would highly suggest joining. Quick heads up though; when Birchbox first came out bloggers were writing about it everywhere, and I just thought it was for referral bonus points, or they were getting the boxes for free. Well, word spread and now there is {or at least was when I joined} a wait list. I was only on the list for a week or two and then received my invitation.

Give it a try, and let me know what you think!


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