My name is Kathleen. I live in northern Illinois; a hop, skip, and an equally long jump to both Milwaukee and Chicago.  I grew up in Chicago and moved to Iowa for college (Hawkeye!) and then moved back to Chicago one I graduated. My best friends include my mom (Momma Sheila) and my hubby to be: Jonathan. My non-human best friend’s name is Buddy. I try to act like I am creative, but mostly get inspired by other people’s original projects and add little twists to make them my own. Some short facts about me:

  • Jonathan and I are getting married april 28th
  • I am a bad speller and I’m sure you will notice at times, even spell check cant recognize some of the words I come up with 😉
  • I have lost 90 lbs in the past two years (mostly thought eating healthy)
  • I started to work out 6 months ago; figured it was the next step
  • Finished my first 5k on Thanksgiving, although I was sick and had to walk some of it
  • I try to pretend I am one of those people who love exercise, but I hate it; yet I still do it
  • I am obsessed with reality tv
  • …and hair products.  such is the life of growing up with a mother for a hairstylist and unruly curly hair?
  • I really like makeup, but only spend 5 minutes putting it on in the morning
  • I love dogs, especially mine.  The motto in our household is “live, laugh, bark”
  • I had a blog long ago dedicated to couponing, before the show on TLC and before it was “trendy” thankyouverymuch! I still love a good deal, but I don’t do “extreme couponing” anymore. I like to think I had a large following; i mean 5 or so people I didn’t know in real life commented at one point
  • I hate cats; until Jonathan and I moved into together and two were thrust upon me.  Thank God Jacob is more like a dog then a cat.  Plus he loves my Buddy, so he is a-ok in my book now.  Now just to find a home for the other one…

But they really do love each other, here is photographic evidence.  And no they are not posed.  You try to pose a cat and let me know how much success you get.

I’m sure this blog will become a mash up of all things I love: crafts, weddings, family, friends and perhaps the occasional blurb about reality tv; with the occasional sprinkling of things I’m still trying to trick myself into liking: jogging, eating healthy (um, hello! pizza!) In the past 2 years i have become fluent in ww lingo. (that’s weight watchers talk for you less cool folks). I’m not a chef and won’t pretend to be; quick and easy is my motto.  At least when it comes to cooking… and cleaning.


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